Posted by: Ron DuBour | September 29, 2017

– “Walking on the beach”~by Khalid Belkhalfi



– “Walking on the beach”

Image may contain: ocean, beach, water, sky, outdoor and nature

I took my shoes off
then I walked on the beach.
I was submerged by my worries,
when waves came to embrace my feet
inviting me to go deeply
into the ocean of love,
and escape the burdens of life.

Then, I raised my head up and I saw
how far the horizon was.
There was infinity between us
but yet I could hear the sound of plenitude.
And I could feel coming in the fresh breeze
the generous hands of forgiveness
comforting my tired heart.

I closed my eyes.
I was there making one
with the universe.
Then I took a deep breath,
and lost myself in the moment.

Khalid Belkhalfi
June 10th, 2017

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