Posted by: Ron DuBour | September 30, 2017

Questions?~by rldubour




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Another Saturday morning
the sixth day of the week.
What is the reason for mankind?
For peace…we do not seek?

I do not know the answer
it has to be some where.
Why the devil keeps calling man
to carry his despair?

I know of no good reason why
people suffer so?
If any one can answer this?
I sure would like to know.

I think of all the old folks
most of them in need.
Is it fair they are like this?
When others bask with greed?

All this before my coffee
what is wrong with me?
All these questions in my mind
with answers I can not see.

I sit at this computer with
this topic I do write.
I ask myself this question,
will all the wrongs be right?

I read the paper every morning
it’s violence that I see.
On our streets and in our homes.
Why does this have to be?

All my life I have spent helping
and not with one regret.
Sometimes I’d ask, is it worth it?
Always was my answer, “YOU BET!”

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