Posted by: Ron DuBour | October 20, 2017

LOVE~by Jahangir Alam Rustom

Hello everyone! Go through and enjoy another romantic poem:



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Love is an emblem of an ever existing peace
That grows in loving mind; blows like a cold breeze.
Love is a preparation of an ever charming marriage;
Love is blind often denies any race, religion or age.
True love never considers the state of being poor or rich;
False love flies away quickly keeps away from bliss.
Love is a heavenly approach that comes from heaven;
As blooming flowers glaze often from flowers’ garden.
Bondage of two hearts turns into a blooming love;
That grows in a moment, exists for long or the above.
A loving mind is always adorable and ever enthusiastic;
By doing the splendid work man becomes artistic.
Love creates an enthusiasm in an adoring mind;
Like no other hue or color but it’s own and lone kind.
Love dazzles in a moonlit night in a lovers heart;
That bears the loving spirit to turn into a unique art.
Love is never lost, becomes a memory after death;
Natural love is an invaluable thing that gets in breath.
Love is eternal, often treated as a legendary thing;
A blessing of life is love for each human being.
Love has been honored every time and everywhere;
Love neither is doused by water nor damaged by fire.

Copy right reg. 14023-COPR


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