Posted by: Ron DuBour | October 28, 2017

TORRENTIAL RAIN~by Jahangir Alam Rustom

Hello everyone! Read and enjoy another romantic poem:




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In a rainy midnight
Inside a furnished room
I was alone!
Far away the blinking light
That was swiftly gone.
Was the rain ceaseless!
As tousle black cloud was its base.
A thrilling idea into my head!
When I sat on a chair decorated.
I was lost away for some time
Where didn’t I know?
When the sky was crying
With grief and sorrow.
I was listening to the jingle
Produced from the falling rain;
And trying to be conscious
If I lost away again.
Some time the rain was singing
By beating my room over tin shed;
Pouring rain, euphoric sound!
That reminded me to go to bed.
The rumbling sound
Was so much sweet!
That reminded me of the laugh
Of the blonde girl by every beat.
Yes! Still she was laughing;
By leaving all the works
She was singing.
Yes, I perceived the sulky girl;
Was she waiting for me with a pearl?
From the mingled resonance
I tried to forget the scene but in vain,
Oh! I found myself in real sense
Into the falling torrential rain.

Copy right reg. 14023-COPR

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