Posted by: Ron DuBour | October 31, 2017

“O N L Y Y O U I F E E L”~by Emmanuel Douglas Mulomole



_________”O N L Y Y O U I F E E L”__________

Everything in you is so purely
Always beam my heart with tranquility
Always sharpen my mind with positivity
Always bless my lofty love with varicadility.

Your lovability is so very gigantesque
Always enrapture my feelings so unique
Always evince me your peerless promises
Always your beauty never nullify in my eyes.

You are an uncorrupted dream maker
Always countenance me to be a dreamer
Always bring a dream spice in my slumber
Always beckoning me into the dream of lover.

You have a peerless soul of lovable dose
Always heal any irksomeness in my lovesick
Always build in my heart an edifice of paradise
Always cover my streamlet of lovable crack.


Emmanuel Douglas Mulomole

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