Posted by: Ron DuBour | November 1, 2017

Revenge~by Rudra Kami




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Bad they say,
Bad she felt,
Bad they did when she did good,
Good, she swore because there was none she knew ,

She wore the white crown and skin so glowed
She spoke too sweet with honey that dripped,
Lips were pink and her heart was pure,
Hair flown so long that even touched the ground,

Man was there with sharp white teeth,
to prey upon a flesh so pure,
Naive that my angel had no clue,
He loved her so shallow which kept her locked,
She thought that true love could melt any rock,
Hours turned days,
Days turned years,
The beast feasted upon her pure white soul,
She gave and gave and then there was none,

She asked for justice and the beast left for more,
Cried and cried that she was soar,

white crown shattered and the diamonds hit the floor,
She made new crown which looked none like before ,

Crown that had all black stones, sharp as knifes that made it glow,
Her bosoms were upright projected out to the world, she called it comfort for the feminine strength,

She was an angel who grew pair of wings,
Wings that matched with her black deep crown,
She now set out to eat her beast,
Beast will collapse in her everlasting grip!
Will she eat him or let him live?
That may be unanswered,
Certain that she will play with the beast!
(C)Rudrakami 1/11/2017

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