Posted by: Ron DuBour | November 2, 2017

Sophie Scholl~by Neil Perry



Sophie Scholl

The day was sunshine
When a girl looked up
Into the sky
From her bitter cup

That her saviour drank
Before he died;
She had had her say
On how the fuhrer lied

And misled a nation
With a pack of lies,
Now that girl stood up
For a world that cries

Out for justice,
But her day was done
As she took her place
in her battle won;

And a single Rose,
A white one too
Had took its place
So the world would know

That truth and justice,
Love and peace
Would not be beaten,
But would increase.

Note: In February 22 1943 a 21 year old German girl along with her brother Hans and a friend met their deaths by guillotine for daring to criticise Hitler and the Nazi party, The girl was Sophia Scholl (1921-43) who along with her brother and a small group of student friends had formed the White Rose Resistant Movement, a non violent group, who published 6 Leaflets in a short space of time and distributed them by post to German homes, they were arrested while placing leaflets all around a university in Munich, having been seen by a staunch Nazi caretaker. Their interrogation and trial lasted all but four days, In which Sophie especially showed an amazing depth of Courage at her trial and death, this is probably why she has been voted one of the 18 most powerful and important women in history. One of the White Rose’s leaflets found its way into allied hands, and was dropped all over Germany..

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