Posted by: Ron DuBour | November 6, 2017

…and now mama  it’s my turn ~by Nutan Sarawagi



…and now mama
it’s my turn

Image may contain: one or more people and fire

We are seeped in customs
which brings death 
old traditions which are dead
but we hold onto them like lead
not letting go
in our greed misled
in daughters who we loose to lust
grown up with such love as we let them go
we cry
in our tears to wipe an eye

why do we let them cry
in their love to never die
we send them in a love so great
in it our love to take
lost forever as they die ..
in a tear that falls so dry
father why did you let me go

can’t you see me suffer so
in their wrath to burn even more
in an anger turned towards me
you didn’t bring enough
bring some more
in a dowry to burn and glow
in my death to see your love
in its ashes turn to dust
for this day did you bring me up
in a love mistaken in its truth
in cinders to burn with you
let me go
now I leave you
but don’t forget that one day will come
when another daughter will burn
that day you will remember as the one
that took your daughter away
that day to learn
stop this burning of brides
who are your households pride
as they go up in flame
crying to you
don’t give us a name
let us be the daughter you gave away
to another’s son love us the same way

I am that same daughter
that’s come
to you …
don’t burn me in your hate
for your daughter in you will turn…
in her flames to see you burn
in eyes that you turn to me
in those eyes to turn ..
mother you let her burn
now it’s my turn

Copyright Nutan Sarawagi 2017

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