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This hand of mine
Was wont to fix
The free to friends.
Now flits it like a honey bee
Who to a precious nectar bends,
If such is she.

Promptly devote thine ear
T’where now my finger flutters.
Hapless are the bashful airs
The lonely lady mutters.
Her secret sighs her heart declare.
Tis true, tis true;
Thy love belongs to yesteryear —
No more to you.

Crowning a cloud
I did behold
How sorrowfully her neck does fold.
How woes do wed
Her breast and head.
How dreams most foul
Sway soaring souls
To trust the dreamer dead.

Attend thine eyes
T’where now this hand
That multiplied thee hies.
Tis clear, tis clear,
Lost cavalier;
Thy love returns to yesteryear.

The words she wings,
Like bare nestlings,
Do dart and fall
Yearning to nest
Within thy chest
Nigh Empathy.

Give ear!
Give ear!
Fulfill the prayer
Of the star that kneels from heaven.
If thine audition is impaired,
Yet not thy vision stricken,
Then of this unarmed archer
His hollow hand heed,
That per its fearful flutter
Bears but speed.

Thither hover!
Be volant!
Straight recover
Thy melancholy lover
From bleak and antique dreams.

Stars And Dreams is the debut publication of Author
Antonio Kinchen.

This collection chronicles the vicissitudes of human
existence via life’s chiefest component; Love.

Never was verse so vivid.
Never were symbols so iridescent.
Never were flush forms so firm.
Never were sleepy terms as bold as braille.
Never have hearts so truly breathed.

Available at Amazon:…/…/ref=sr_1_1…

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