Posted by: Ron DuBour | November 7, 2017

Fate or Reaction?~by rldubour


Hard to believe but, very true!

Fate or Reaction?

Image result for following beautiful blonde walking in hallway of high school

We met when we were very young
Full of life and having fun.
I saw her walking straight towards me
I thought impossible, this can’t be.

This warm sensation I could feel
I thought too pretty, can’t be real.
As she walked by a glancing smile
She had class I loved her style.

Stopped me dead I could not talk
I knew I had to watch her walk!
I thought now Ron this is a shame
You never even got her name.

Not like me she gave a glance.
When have I stopped taking chance?
I was off just like a flash
Had to stop her I have to ask.

My next class will have to wait
I just can’t argue with my fate.
I did catch her and not too soon.
As she was entering her next room.

She turned around to look at me
Right then and there I went to one knee.
I don’t know your name but, my heart believes
Fate is calling, “Will you marry me!”

Her reply was simple, ” I will indeed.”
So off we went to the nearest JP

Now fifty years later not a thing I’d change.
Someday soon I will ask her name!

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