Posted by: Ron DuBour | November 7, 2017

FOR A FIRST TIME~by Balachandran Nair




When rising sun touched
Horizon for a first time
Birds sang, human activities sprang.
When butterfly touched
Flower for a first time
It shrivelled in shy, secreted honey.
When police uniform touched
My body for a first time
Patriotism sprouted,
Duty, responsibility spruced.
When one day liquor touched my
Senses for a first time
Common sense left, humbleness howled,
Old aged looked younger,
Children looked like grownups,
Well dressed looked like naked,
Highways seemed shrink, narrow,
Earth shiver, crumble under foot,
Sun reach out for shake hand,
People around speak strange languages
Predecessors waving from heaven
Those all idiots around, see,
Seeking my help to stand erect
See, people fall, buildings fall
Upside-down all fall,
So I do not have time to
Entertain you all, sorry,
Now I fall, must take rest on tar, pee,
Let me take a nap now
You too take rest, ok?


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