Posted by: Ron DuBour | November 8, 2017

Before me..~by Ravindranath Kunnath



Before me..

Before me..
The foregone yesterdays alive..
Iam young than now….
Notonly me…
But all and all before my thoughts..
Iam alive,if i think..
I love the wheels to travel…
As a traveller i like to see
All the flowery images of thoughts
Alive and charasmatic..
Thoughts are the seeds
It is the breathing mortal-
Heavenly existense
When this faculty diminish
The wheels will roll into-
Some where unknown today…
Seeking fruitfull thoughts..
It is like a voyage .
Chaotic waves splash
The sailing blood of veins dry up…
Oh!dear,now iam singing songs..
From an era of songless dawns..
Come,come dear to roam
All alone like a bee
All alone in the sky and peaks
We are younger,all those
Songs of love are for us to sing..
Thoughts are alive
We are young and immortal
Close all the caves
And stop the rays of twlights
That brings the darkest clouds..
For to make deadly battle fields.


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