Posted by: Ron DuBour | November 8, 2017





You may be
pelted with stones
if you your chests defend
the wind blackened with hatred

The wind blows
independent of your will
to conceal your open heart
you possess for whitening dark minds

Stones may hurt
or miss your swollen chest
if soft thoughts cross their hardness
swimming across their crisscross waves
quenching their endless thirst for darkness

A bitter experience
you may have in open words
uttered to explain a good mission’s vision
well-designed for any unpolished conscience

I have bathed in the sun
purifying accepted principles of life
justifying my views on my own deeds
to taste the vivid spices of living agenda
while every inch of my foot-steps is unstable

You may be
pelted with impatient words
if you are betrayed by your own swords
in the battle fought for truth, peace and justice
but simple exchanges of good wishes will save you
from being pierced by slivers of any unpolished civility

Copyright@Bipul Ch. Kalita, 08é10é2016

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