Posted by: Ron DuBour | November 8, 2017

MONTHLY BUTTERFLY~by Jyotirmaya Thakur




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January born have a heart of gold ,
Aura of simple innocence sweet ,
Away from negativity rightly bold,
Roams around without pressure greet.

February butterfly a confident soul ,
True crowd puller,centre of room ,
A little too correct to ignore,
Takes no nonsense offended soon.

March is the month of a workaholic,
Who never gives up very persistent,
Naive and helpful,lands in troubles,
But his innocence infuses all bubbles.

April is for the incorrigible optimist ,
World is beautiful and everything good,
Extreme emotions,saintly spiritual,
A people’s person healing smooth.

May presents magnanimous person,
Intimidating with dominant personality,
Purely clear about wrong from right ,
Critical appraisals does not mind.

June butterflies peacefully at ease,
Lovable to the core in humanity deal,
People who make world a better place,
Unassuming not flashy or run of the mill.

July born daredevil front runner ,
Extremely brave unafraid dauntless,
Beneath tough exterior soft interior,
Charismatic adviser totally flawless.

August Instills honesty in abundance,
Direct forthcoming rock like substance,
Modesty such which is most endearing,
To err is human no qualms admitting.

September people exquisitely creative,
Like to sit exploring is prerogative,
A colourful persona often day dream ,
Good sense of humour thin and lean.

October goodness is highly infectious ,
A perfect agony aunt, ready solutions,
Family and friends mean the most ,
Extravagant generous,A special host.

November equips explorer qualities,
Who live in their own world solitary,
A loner introvert but not boring,
Warm affinity towards alike smiling.

Last but not the least is December child ,
Really comes a long way in life ,
Cherish different adventure experience,
Always daring to go, rarely satisfied.
Jyotirmaya Thakur copyright 8/11/17.

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