Posted by: Ron DuBour | November 9, 2017

A Beloved Song 2 a tribute to St.Silouan the Athonite ~by Sotirios G. Skoufis


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A Beloved Song 2
a tribute to St.Silouan the Athonite

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I’m dead in Hell alone
I don’t know what I should do 
In my life the cross I’ve blown
Jesus I have never known

All I knew is to betray
Him to murder and to slay
While I thought I was Plan A
I was pushing him away

There’s no net and there’s no phone
None to speak and none to ask
I’m dead in Hell alone
That’s a problem, not a task

Oh, I wish it’d be my clone
Or some robot I don’t care
Fire’s burning here on stones
I’m hurt I see my bones

Sombre flames are all around
Gutted full
no room for wounds
My ears pierced with awful sounds

I’m dead in Hell alone
That must be the twilight zone
So I was in hell alone

I’m dead in Hell with Lucifer
I’m looking at his face
All I ask now it’s Gods grace
He’s shitting on his throne

While he’s smoking a homegrown
In the midst of a cyclone
All the shit it flies to me
Oh dear God please set me free

Why have you forsaken me
I’m dead in Hell with others
I see tables, beds and ladders
My nose cracked with awful smells

Oh my God I don’t feel well
I see priests and nuns and demons
Preaching on their empty sermons
Hybrid creatures of all kind

Can someone please press rewind ?
I see bridges of despair
Fully smoked and no clean air
I’m dead in Hell with others

Oh dear God are you my father ?
I see arrows sticked in buttocks
Parts on tables like for sale
There are female, also male

I see heads are cut on floors
Burning windows, open doors
Human torture to the core
I see swords

And I see owls
Hell is filled with human crowds
I see ravens eating men
All the humans crushed again

I see people trying to flee
It is you and it is me
We’re sunk in a big hole
Oh my God we missed the goal

I see Waggons carrying humans
Being pulled by other humans
Demons whipping us like horses
No excuses they’re remorseless

They’re catching us from high
Pulling us down from the sky
While the angels with us fly
Our souls to grab they try

I see worms and butterflies
A turtle human
A dragonfly
A snail man

A head on a pole
Many weapons
All unknown
There’s a pit it’s full with demons

There are Vultures, rats and snakes
Everybody is awake
There’s no sleep in hell it seems
My accursed soul, now it weeps!!

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