Posted by: Ron DuBour | November 10, 2017

“Life is not a Death Sentence”~by Michael Graves



“Life is not a Death Sentence”

Image may contain: night and sky

Life, far from bridging the single span
in truth, springs new from its own end.
Ouroboros in its eternal meal.
Life is not a Death Sentence.

As life prevails, we pass
from one frail vessel to the next.
Like the moon, which in eternal flight
both fades and swells.
Life is not a Death Sentence.

This route has been the road for all
since once we chose this guise to wear
and will continue ’til we find
another part, which suits us more.
Life is not a Death Sentence.

A part where Death’s no longer
required, to spice Life’s content
ringing down the curtain to entice
the crowd into crying out for more.
Life is not a Death Sentence.

Death has never conquered life, save
in appearances alone. At most
inspiring fear in those for whom
clear mem’ry does not prevail.
They cling to that which seems to be.
And doing so, they feed their fear
of wretched death and dim in their sight
the fiery blaze of life!
Life is not a Death Sentence.

–Graves 10/27/17

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The image is a lunar photo taken by NASA.

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