Posted by: Ron DuBour | November 10, 2017

“The Ocean of Humanity is as varied..~by Paloma Fule

Seth Berger

“The Ocean of Humanity is as varied..

Image may contain: water, sky, ocean, cloud, outdoor and nature

“The Ocean of Humanity is as varied..
as the pulls of straught and defiance,
of the calm waves, and
dangerous rip tides of waves,
pulling at our Heart Strings.
Deep are the merciless currents..
that carry adrift our thoughts, and
make our souls linger for calmness.

To find a still rock to rest,
our weary tired souls travel
searching for a restful slumber
of dreams of hope and faith.
Drifting clouds bring the Promise
of light Sun rays, and Moonlight
into a play of Light…
as unpredictable as
the Beauty of Life.. itself !”

As we bask in Spirit naked
before the sweet decadent
Glory of God’s Divine Creation,
we fly away to a far away land.
Here all possibility exists
to lift us up to the Presence
of a new golden Sunrise..
that kisses our face, and
warms our Souls.

The touch of the Heavens..
fills us with the Presence
Of our Universal Creator —
Almighty God.
His voice reassuring us..
ALL is promised to turn out..
BEST than just.. alright !”

— Paloma Fule
(Spirit Light Poet Warrior)
Dame Grand Cross of The Historical Teutonic Knights of St Mary’s of Jerusalem USA.
#Knight #TeutonicKnight #Angel #AngelWarrior
#Love #Ocean #PalomaFule #Photography

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