Posted by: Ron DuBour | November 11, 2017

Dream On~by Temy Hoang



Dream On

Closed until further notice
Says the disappointing sign in front of the brilliant park
at the end of the narrow road in the wood

The breathtaking red and yellow leaves
scattered alongside the waterfalls last Autumn
are glowing vividly in my memory

What use could I put to words I’ve been hunting for
when life’s erosion of feelings and inspiration
seems like just a matter of time
like the faded fall foliage in the forest

Dream on
Dream on


  1. Thanks for sharing!

    Would you consider recommending my blog/book to your readers? They’d have a chance to read a book in its creative process – of a woman rediscovering herself!


    • advertise your book here and I will post to this site!! be glad too!!

      • The Chronicles of a Happy Divorceé is a book about a woman, mother, teacher, friend whose heart is broken. She is recently divorced – as much as she tried to avoid it – but determined to move on and be grateful and happy.

        How to is the question.

        She loves love and passion. Romance! Ah…! Yes. So, she is open and longs to find new love. But will Tinder and her many many dates come to her rescue?

        Yes, and she will rediscover herself in the process. With dignity and respect.

        Experience all the facets of what being a 40 year-old kind and fun woman is. Get into her longings, frustrations, tears and dreams. Hopes and dreams.

        Namaste and blessings!

      • you have my email just write up a promotion and when I receive it I will repost here and also my other blog on FB The Poets’ Corner

  2. – The Chronicles of a Happy Divorceé

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