Posted by: Ron DuBour | November 12, 2017

Remembrance Sunday~by Patrick Kevin O’Shea

To day is Remembrance Day . At 11 O Clock I stopped what I was doing and stood up and saluted in silence in memory of all those that died fighting for freedom .My grandad was lucky but my great uncle paid the ultimate price and never came back …..I wrote this poem in tribute to all the young men that never came back including my great Uncle ……………


Remembrance Sunday

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Remember those that fought , within wars that claimed .
Many young lives and more that were maimed .

To-day we comemorate , those brave soldiers that fell .
Fighting for freedom , to estinguish evil , to quell.

Beneath Cenotaph ‘s , this day we lay wreaths .
In recognition , of those that gave lives to bequeath .

Never forget , those that gave up their lives
Dying for the cause , within their ultimate sacrifice .

Many bugles will call ,”the last post this day
To show respect , across this land , they will play .

Never forget , those brave sons that were lost
As mothers wept across our land within their sad loss .

A nation cries , within heart felt yearns .
Families ript apart , for those that never returned .

Rememberance Sunday we salute you this day
Sound the lonely Bugle ,
“The Last Post”, we shall play ………

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Copyright Written by Patrick Kevin O’Shea

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