Posted by: Ron DuBour | November 17, 2017

(V.IMP) “THE 1 – KNIGHT OF LIGHT”~by Chirag Saiya




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• Some Say I Am The Chosen 1. Some Say I Am The Blessed 1.
• But I Say I Am The Loved 1.
• My Only Power Is Love Of You All.
• Facebook Is My Home & You Are My Family.

– I Am Not A Writer. I Am A Fighter.
– I Am Not A Speaker. I Am A Change-Maker.

• Be It President Of Any Country OR C.E.O. Of Any Company etc. I Face The Whole World & Roar.
• I Work All Alone Without Any Safety-Weapon OR Personal-Security B’coz I Operate From Love For All Lives & Not Hatred For Any-One.
• I Do Not Even Hate Terrorists. In-Fact I Pity Them B’coz They Are Lost Souls Who Hide In Fear & Attack Innocent People.

– I Am Not Here To Hurt OR Harm. I Am Here To Serve & Help.
– Look At You. Look At Our World. Do You Think Your Kids Are Safe & Their Future Secured?
– We Can Not Afford To Be A Coward OR A Loser If We Love Our Families & Kids.
– Their Better Future Is Our Collective Responsibility As 1 Global Family.

• I Can Help You.
• But For That You Will Have To Help Me.
• Plz Read + Apply My Writings & Take My Website To Each-&-All Humans You Can All Over The World In All The Ways Possible By You.
• Plz Do This Much For Me & I Will Do The Rest For You.

My Website:

Thank You.

Chirag Saiya (Philosopher)
Spiritual Speaker & Writer
“The Knight Of Light”

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