Posted by: Ron DuBour | November 17, 2017

WATER~by Tukur Loba Ridwan



i am water. i am life;
a mirror you see through
while you dare the sun with your
naked eyes…
take me in. sweat me out.
i will shield you from the threat
of the hot sky on your skins.
fear not. hold your breath.
immerse yourself-
wrap me around your body.
let me cleanse those places
away from the eyes of every eye.
inherit my purity
while i wash me away with your filth.
i do not begin. i do not end.
i do not know where i come from.
i do not know where i am going.
i am a body dispersed
across a map like veins and vessels.
find me anywhere without searching…
i do not have a race; just a face
that all could wear.
do not curse me. do not spite me.
do not cast me into the depth
of my ire with your stones
of sacrilege.
i will throw myself back
in summersault of waves
and flood your land
into extinction-
i allow death to wear me like a cloak
at this point.
but fear not.
i am a symptom of rebirth;
of rejuvenation;
of rehabilitation;
of redemption.
i heal. i am healing.
O’real © 2017.

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