Posted by: Ron DuBour | November 18, 2017

COME LET US FIGHT~by Nakshatra Singh‎




Come on let us fight,
Subject we will find,
Teams we will build,
Be ready, let us fight.
You not from my country,
That’s great, come to the border,
Any and every topic will work fine.
You my countryman, oh let’s think,
Hey, we have different faith,
We got it, come hurry up,
We meet somewhere now,
Outside a temple, church or mosque,
Any place would be fine,
Teams we will gather no problem,
Few loud cryies will do it fine.
You and me of same faith, oh bad,
Hey, our towns are different yes,
Water, jobs, language and what not,
Come on let us fight, we have a cause,
Teams ready, just raise the voice.
O my neighbor, how we fight, let’s find,
Oh, we have trifles, endless, that’s fine.
My beloved brother, why we live in peace,
Lend me some money and take it back,
Aha, both feel cheated, we got a way,
Come let’s fight and make our day bright.
Why this thirst, what wants us to fight,
I would not know, i don’t want to know,
But if you need me, I am ready to fight….

By- Nakshatra Singh

Copyright @ Nakshatra Singh

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