Posted by: Ron DuBour | November 19, 2017

The peeping rays..~by Ravindranath Kunnath



The peeping rays..

Looking always deep into
The peeping rays..
It is habitual I believe…
Always look deep and deep
Atlast breath remind it will stop.
Looking deep into the rays
Peeping rays of days
On to the life…
It is habitual
I believe.
When you born..
All the holy rivers with you
Dried up
In the growth stage..
The bells toll ,to begin wanderings
With folded memories..
All the wanderings make..
The sky too hot
The stormy upheavels of breath
Reflect the chest..
Desireing a coolness
Iam looking deep and deep..
Into the days peeping rays..
Dont be sad..
The sadness is a veil
Dont think you are sad..
It will shower more and more again.
My guru said..
All the holyness is still with you..
Sins are temptations
To test….
Birth is holy
Death is holy
But the wish to breath more
And to see the eyes more twinkle
All are sins my son..
Kindle the silvery lights
And dance with the sounds of
The enchanting waves ..
You are regaing all the lost
Holy rivers….
Make fire ponds within
For ashes..
Dear son now you reach
The real road with no cross roads.



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