Posted by: Ron DuBour | November 20, 2017

DIFFERENTLY SAME~by Balachandran Nair




Looking for safe place
To keep your memory
I travelled a lot, found out:
Sky was unsafe, clouds chirrup
Mountain unsafe, mist meddle
Ocean unsafe, fish forbid
Earth unsafe, worm whine.
Biggest of biggests hold
Bane, bugs likes inside
Smallest of small hold
Little space, air to swallow.
Then I saw a peasant pass by
Red-silk-wrap urn on shoulder
Known what it is, still I
Followed him, asked what it is.
“It contain my heart, Her ashes
Wherever I tire, fall…..
that place is my Ganga
where her ashes spread”!
Stood there rock still I, see…
Other than that raw earth urn
Which once used to put ashes
Break, merge, mingle with earth itself
What remain safer, holier than
Any Saint could ever spell?
Now my mind find solace, calm
So I now make my heart a Urn
And place YOUR memories in!


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