Posted by: Ron DuBour | November 22, 2017

Life ~by Nutan Sarawagi




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Life is to be seen
in everyone’s light
each to his own 
but each
in their own plight
its difficult to generalise
for you haven’t lived
the others life
born with a different
set of values to light your life
from the time you opened your eyes
you learn from your parents
when as a child in their wrongs
to emulate your right
for you are still young
to differentiate life
you live with them
they are the love of your life
the only love true in them to wipe
your tears to light your eyes
to adhere to the codes
they set to your life
you are told you shouldn’t talk to boys
coz you see your father
hitting your mom at night
“ Do you want to live the same life ,
men are bad they use you as and when they like “
you grow with such fears in your eyes
as you see your mother crying
hiding her life
the truth hidden in her bosom
she cannot fight
but you can see her suffering
in her love as she turns to you to fill the void
depressed wondering what is the meaning of life
“will you love her as much “
You see her strong and weak at the same time
strong as she alone fends for her life
the man of the house holding it upright
as your dad gambles to drink up his life
she holds the fort burning her own desires
she has to keep things going to keep up this strife
strong as she is she breaks down
unable to open up
to give a voice to the silence
to silence the voices that wake her up all night
breaking the silence of the night
unable to sleep out the storms
she tosses and turns
resorting to drugs
to drown her life
in that sleep that never comes
in their torrents
to torment her nights
slowly she becomes addicted
to drug herself …is the only respite
the last resort
she resorts to
to help her stay alive
tired she turns drifting away bearing the responsibility…single handed bringing us up …
afraid the neighbours might question her
about the secrets she hides
what does she answer
they read the truth in her eyes …
that have grown hard
no tears left to spill in her eyes
dry as dead as the night whispers to her
drink me up in your fears …
for I am that night in which you can hide
the darkness of your life
to live and die in my life
I am the night that balms takes away
the sorrows of the day to soothe your life
sink in me …
save your life
as she extends her hand to take a pill …
she commits suicide

Copyright @ Nutan Sarawagi 2017
Inspired by Sunil Kaushal

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