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Today, I am thankful.~by Michael Graves



Today, I am thankful.

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For the rocky coast; the 
challenging wind; the
circumstance that
makes me grow.

For the stars
which bid my vision
up and out.

For family, who warm my way
guide my steps
and make me a little
crazy, sometimes.

For friends, who
sweeten my life
with affinity.

For the one that I’ve
finally found, who
brings my life full circle.
And for falling in love
all of those times before.

For the child, who wakes
in the clear morning light
and is not afraid to see.
Who dresses the future
in dreams; and
graces the world
with wonder
and possibility.

For those who make the music, that
fills up spaces in booming
joyous abandon or peacefully sings
the sparkling stars to sleep
in the night sky.

For the poet
whose words blaze with dreams that
inflame imaginations, kindle passions, stoke
the heat of life; and who paints with
rippling colors in the imagination
the road that takes us where
we have not been.

For the painter
whose vision spans the distance
between each of the separate
viewpoints of mankind
and joins them as one.

For the song defiantly sung, despite
suppression, and for those with
the courage to carry
the tune.

For those who walk
the lonely road
and keep the peace.

For the seekers of truth
and the dreamers of dreams
who return with visions
that seed the future.

For the clear, strong voice
which bends back lies with
simple truths, and drives out evil
like chaff before the summer wind.
That voice which vows to
never accept defeat.

And I am thankful for
those who come back.

They who are the
children of the wind.

And I am thankful
for those who share these thoughts.
Whoever you are
in whatever land
by whatever tongue
in whatever time.

For we share the same path.

–Graves 11/19/15

POET’S NOTE: Thanksgiving Day is coming soon. You will have my thanks if you share this piece with whomever you think might enjoy this message. — MG

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Copyright © 2015 by Michael Graves, All Rights Reserved, except the right to forward and to share with friends – with credit — which is held to be a good idea and is thus encouraged.

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