Posted by: Ron DuBour | November 23, 2017

WHO AM I ?~by Romeo Della Valle




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I am what I am,
Nothing more and nothing less,
Always the same night or day
Without pretending to be
Someone more than what I am!

I am the leftover of yesterday,
The living spirit of today
That clearly reveals
My complete being and
Hoping to inspire with my words
The New Generations to come!

Innocent children left behind
Who are the future, no doubts,
Because they hold the key
That will open the doors of
A new and peaceful world!

I am the essence of life itself
Embedded in spirit and flesh:
No sadness, regrets or remorse
And share with other human beings
Nothing but my total being!

I am the color at the end
Of the rainbow camouflaged
By colored lights that are blended
With the bright blue of the sky
And resting in the bright sand
Way down below

I’m leaving and alone
Leaving behind my footprints
Knowing that one day
It will be erased by the wind
But I am hopeful also to
Leave my legacy behind!

Romeo Della Valle
(c) Reserved rights-2017
New York City

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