Posted by: Ron DuBour | November 24, 2017

Enflaming Like Fire~by Patrick Kevin O’Shea



Enflaming Like Fire

Image may contain: flower and fire

Beauty so unique , enflaming like fire .Igniting her flames , that yearning desire .

The mountains that peak , aside valleys below .Aside rivers that turn , then twist as they flow .

The blackbirds first chorus , as a new day is born . As dark turns to light , at the crack of first dawn .

A sun that shines bright , as it drops out of sight . Then a passing of the night , with stars twinkling bright .

A rainbow that arcs , across a clear blue sky . Painting contrasting colours , striking deep drawn sighs .

The call from a cukoo ,across open fields .From over the woods , as a hot summer yields .

The flowers that show , with such colour to bring . That dance as they grow , within blow of the wind .

To stand on a beach , as far as you can see . As a blue sky Drops down , to Inhale the breath of the sea

Mother Nature bespoke , enflaming like fire .Dancing Within flames , of our burning desire .

Poetry by

Copyright Written by
Patrick Kevin O’Shea

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