Posted by: Ron DuBour | November 25, 2017

ONENESS.~by Sathian KS




We share one sky and sun
We share one moon and stars
We share the same soft breeze
We live in the same planet earth.

We have a day with a dawn
We have a day with a dusk
We have only one night a day
We have only one day a night.

Rivers are of many names
Rivers are of different sizes
They are of different deapth
But they are of same blood.

We live in different countries
We belong to different continents
We believe in different religions
But we share one sky and earth.

We worship different Gods
We follow different rituals
We believe in different faiths
But the colour of blood is red.

We have trees with different fruits
We have plants with different flowers
We have forests with different animals
But all trees and plants are of green leaves.

There is oneness everywhere in nature
There is oneness in everyone in universe
We have tears without colour like water
We have tears and water without colour

Copyright @ SATHIAN kS.

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