Posted by: Ron DuBour | November 26, 2017

Living beneath the shade of time~by Ravindranath Kunnath



Living beneath the shade of time

Living beneath the shade of time
Iam witnessing a new dawn..
Hundreds of departing breathes
Seems to be told..
Bye,for a short pause
A bird with coloured feathers
Seems to be reminded
Iam a migratory bird,leaving here,
Again to come…
The waves of seas seems to be sing
Iam not perishing here on banks
This is an act again to come.
Iam remembering all
Except that shrilling voices..
They are talking not for a reunion
But about a departure for ever..
Under the shade of time
Again a new dawn..
Iam here again..
It seems to be told..
The wind also seems to be told
Iam here again
All are said
We all are here again
But my family kept their voice
Not for expressing the dream of reunion
They used it for showing
Their intention for a departure
For ever..
The cry of promethues seems to be
In horizons still..
Oh!for what purpose I stole
The fire from the heaven..
Iam still beneath the shade of time
Witnessing one more new dawn
And for witnessing some more
The words within me soothes
We are with you,use us
We will be here again with you
For ever…
Till you will be here
Beneath the shade of time..


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