Posted by: Ron DuBour | November 26, 2017

My lovely country tree~by Yakubpasha Shaik



My lovely country tree

Oh! My country tree
You still stood on your roots,
Which were coiled and rolled like 
giant snakes in the cracks of stony
river bank.
Here I wondered to see you in this night,
after strong, mighty storm all in the night.
You are truly stunning beauty in blooming,
to see
Under cloudless starly sky.
After mighty storm’s try in vain.
So, show now your nebulae’s spark
In unseen colours till smile in this night.
Let me see you closer as you open your petal, petal after petal.
I wish to listen when night zephyr
Soughs at beauty of fleshy flowers.
I think angels will fall faster than light of full moon.
Sliver of light dropped on me from the heavens look.

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