Posted by: Ron DuBour | November 26, 2017

Ravan~by Rudra Kami




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“Love is the seed of all evil,” said the king
Staring at those starry blue skies of a distant land,
Held a toxic drink with his strong hands that fought many cruel battles, 
Love, as for my noble mother,
For she had none,
Longed and longed forever to catch some attention from my scholarly father,
We were the outcast,
O, we were!
Yet, I am standing here as a result of my father’s scholarly behavior,
Intentions were so pure that made us dirty,
“Clinched the fist “
Fought the fight to reach this height,
Now they call me “my king”
King, I have become so I shall be loved,
Or shall I say feared,
Did I need this?
Power of being in control,
No, All I wanted was to be loved,
Hugged and kissed and spoken to,
Oh, look! The moon came out,
“Full moon,” said the king,
I must pray to my lord,
All the while cruel expression faded and changed into the most handsome face,
“Cling” he set the glasses down,
Yet, looking at the moon so bright,
Married to the most beautiful woman on earth he thought,
But why is that I am never satisfied he asked,
Do I love her?
Confusing but I think so he said,
His heart raced to a very disturbing event which made him drink,
“My dear daughter” he sobbed,
For me stand on top the most expensive palace?
To wear the finest,
To drink the rarest,
To own a kingdom that doesn’t matter,
I let you go, my dear,
Do I love her?
O, I will set this entire kingdom to fire for her,
What a fool! His heart laughed at his thought,
I love her and I will kill for her said the king, as the tear dripped from his eyes to the finest silk he wore!
Love indeed is the root all destruction.

(C)Rudrakami 26/11/2017

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