Posted by: Ron DuBour | November 27, 2017

THE WHISPERING SILENCE…~by Suzette Portes San Jose

from AS THE WIND BLOWS masterpiece…now comes
VOICE WITHIN … by suzette portes san jose
in watercolor painting by suzette portes san jose
(on 90th Septon 4 – 9)


Image may contain: outdoor

along with the freezing blow of the passing wind
a heart, broken and shattered now i hold to mend
echoes overflow from everything i keep shall i send
as i serenade the song of love that i cannot defend
for all the reason that ponders and lingers trough time
the voice within whispers the meaning of its rhyme
words longed and desire to be free though unspoken
sought to enfold the fantasy in a dream of love unforsaken
embracing time spent in memories that have been gone
emptied my eyes from tears of moments that were done
a soul-crippling out from the bottom of my heart so frail
in a weak voice softly creaming out what was lost and fail
i turned and gazed at every step i come to leave behind
subdued, heart sober and sigh yet not a trace to ever find
like the sand of time that flows through the clear glass
the last drop ends it all with words whispered in silent cuss
hear the voice from within beholding all the silence forlorn
wanting to cast the shadows of agony behind and be born
to a new beginning of hope with so much faith to live again
breathe the air of life once more without regrets and refrain
set and let go of the silent whispers to echo through the air
and never to hold back the cause of all the pain and despair
for everything in life could end the same and nothing is fair
so to learn and exist and live along with prayers i whisper
each day i moved on and seek a place in the heart to belong
and vowed to forever stay where i can sing my sweetest song
so the wailing stops and words in rhyme be whispered again
without constraint, a heart and a soul endure without disdain
voice within me roars like thunder in the air that only i can hear
and lightning strikes burning my heart in flames only i can bear
in deafening silence, the loud whispers were echoing through
so i hold back my breath and let the time pass as the wind blew
i stand steadfast with time in my dreams and hopes in prayer
to wake each morning in hues within the silence much greater
than the brightness of reality left to live among the pretenders
let this voice within shout out from the deepest with splendors

copyright nov. 28, 2017
(C) spsj, Antipolo Philippines

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