Posted by: Ron DuBour | November 29, 2017

“Beatitudes”~by Michael Graves




Image may contain: sky, night and nature

Blessed are those who refuse to fail
For they shall attain
impossible heights.

Blessed is the child who rides out life
alone, and blooms despite all.
for his is the resilience
of the unstoppable.

Blessed are those who give advice
and do not require that it be followed;
for they will be called friends.

Blessed are those who care enough to change conditions
where others will not.
For their lives, while perhaps more trying
will make the greatest difference.

Blessed are those who right the scales;
for their gift to the world
is sanity.

Blessed are those who follow Jerry Garcia and the boys.
For they shall be called “Deadheads*”
Wait… what?

Blessed are those who acknowledge and forgive the past.
For they will have
the clearest view of the future.

Blessed are those who grace the world with
new viewpoints, new games, and new vistas.
For theirs is the crown of creation.
And they will be the suppliers of dreams.

Blessed are those willing to honestly help
without hidden agenda;
for they will ease the burden.

Blessed are the defenders and healers of souls;
for they guard the route to eternity.

Blessed are those who understand the power of responsibility
and the fruitlessness of revenge.
For theirs will be the sanest perspective.

Blessed are those who strive to travel beyond the edge
of what is known.
For theirs is the uncharted realm.

Blessed are those who understand, and move forward
even under the most daunting conditions.
For they will forge the forward path.

And blessed are those who come back.
For some will call them angels.
And they will save
the world.

–Graves 1/28/11

Notes: *”Deadheads” is a term which was affectionately given to fans of the rock band “The Grateful Dead,” which achieved iconic status in the 1970’s. Jerry Garcia was the band’s leader.

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The image is “Earthrise”. It was taken by Neil Armstrong in July 1969 during the Apollo 11 Mission when he and Buzz Aldrin became the first humans to to walk on the moon; looking back at Earth approximately 248,000 miles away.


  1. “And blessed is ‘You’ with such a great creativity who wrote on beautiful thing called blessing”

    Great poem! 👍

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