Posted by: Ron DuBour | November 29, 2017

Fresh air…or spam!~by Joe Wilson



Fresh air…or spam!

And as yet another piece of spam mail
Landed on the floor by my letterbox
I reflected, once again, on the fallen trees
Fallen to make way for Mans’ greed and ignorance.
For what can be the response for so much trash!
Do we really need to run out and buy new tires
Or another pointless electric sawing machine?
On the basis of post that falls endlessly on our mats.

And does unwanted crap translate into cash!
I cannot think that this will be the case
Though man is so rapacious in his greed
I doubt that he will stop before the trees are gone
Churned up to make that spam that thrills us so
Till comes the time when we get short of breath
He’ll wonder why the planet is so oxygen bereft.

©Joe Wilson – Fresh air…or spam…2017

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