Posted by: Ron DuBour | November 29, 2017

In time ~by Nutan Sarawagi

Inspired by my poet friend Ron DuBour


I loved the rhymes of those times in which life was lived to the best
it knew no unrest…to rest

In time

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In nursery rhymes I still think
Sing my rhymes to rhyme in my sinking ship
when things go bad I time in my chimes
To sing nursery rhymes to my hearts content
In those days when I was young
when life was a song
A slip of the tongue

When we lived in hopes
Where life was not worth a dime so simple and cheap
when everything was a song and dance set in it’s own tune
A treat

Where there was no worry as life went by in no hurry
when time was no concern of mine
In the song of lullabies and fairy tales in It to dream
In which to sing nursery rhymes when we fell asleep
not hurriedly worried
When incompletIng homework was not considered a crime
When we went to school
And sang nursery rhymes
In Jack and Jill to mug up our lines

In the Humpty Dumpty who fell asleep
to alas fall down in his own defeat

In Rapunzel who let down her long hair
In the Beanstalk
for her Jack in to climb up the stair
In the Snow White and Seven Dwarfs
Protecting her as if she were theirs
In the Cinderella worried if she would reach her home
As the clock strikes twelve to be discovered in it’s deathly stroke
If the mouse who ran up the clock
would see the queen in her splendorous frock
as he runs up and down in his hickory dickory dock
Putting Wee Willie Wilkie off to sleep , forever lost
Or the pied piper who knows no rest
As he takes the children to hide
following him in protest
Or the piggys’ who couldn’t rest
as they crossed the rail road tracks not coming under it , for they knew best
Like dog in the manger who stole our bones to keep it for him , to eat all alone

Till we heard them till death
Till the wee hours of the morning in which we took no rest
Going back to school in it to complete the rest
For in the rhyme of life to build our loves nest
In its time to never forget , when life was ours , in to sing at its best

O give me those day of childhood
to forget my life I want that life in which I loved to live
in which I knew no unrest
In it
To just rhyme and rhyme
In it my best

In a time lost to time

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