Posted by: Ron DuBour | November 29, 2017

There are days~by Peter Forster



There are days

There are days
When pictures
Are ready to be painted
Impressions of happiness
On an empty beach
Church bells
Peeling over green fields
As a morning unfurls
The sky
Argues the toss
With a procession
Of bellicose clouds
A joust
For primacy
When Heaven is king
Dog walking
Is a pleasure
Not a profession
Greedy terriers
Take the biscuit
As pointers sniff
Out the game
Partridges scatter
Clearing grandiose trees
Older than Christmas
Paramours hide
Beneath the canopy
Of an old Oak
First loves
Hold hands
On park benches
The smell of baking
Travels across the meadow
From an open window
The sea shimmers
In the distance
Takes you there
And you remember
When it happened before
There were always
Days like these.


  1. Beautiful.. Beyond my words.. How to praise?.. Love your writing!

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