Posted by: Ron DuBour | November 30, 2017

STOP WOMEN ABUSE!~by Mxolisi Ñ Nkambule




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I never thought love will hurt.
I didn’t see it coming
A word love turns to hate.
Thee told that thee are loved
He said no one will hurt thee.
He will protect thee forever.
This love is endless
This is perpetual
Thee were full of happiness.
He start shouting at thee.
Just because thee made one mistake
Sometimes no mistake is made.
His beating thee for nothing.
His making himself feel better
Isn’t that a little bit bitter
Now thee are a punching bag
Thy face is a laugh stock

Women are being killed every hour
Women are being threatened
Would thee let someone else beat thine sister huh?
Would you let someone beat thy mother ?
Mmmh No! no! no!
No man thee not a man enough.
Thee such a coward
Thee deserve to be punished
Nor mercilessly thee will be given.
Stop women abuse!
I said stop women abuse.
This is enough, aren’t thee not tired?
Aren’t thee not tired of bloodshed?
Well I am, so are the women.
How do thee sleep at night.
Mmh thee think thee man enough
Have thee ever think for once after beating her that thee destroying her.
All the scars on her face is written thy name.
All the tears she’s crying or cried
Are all written thy name.
I’m a sinner I admit but
I’m not a killer, Stop killing our sister and mothers.
Ooh God I had enough of this life of sorrow.
Women been saying they’re sorry even if they aren’t wrong.
Stop women abuse please I beg.
Stop women abuse thee killing them
Emotional and Physically.
Thee not a man if thee beat women.
Thee are a monster.
leave a man if he slap/beat thee
Before he kill thee.
Thee suppose to protect them
Loving them like never before.
I’ve seen and I heard screams
The bloodshed it’s enough
Stop women abuse.

© Mxolisi Ñ Nkambule

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