Posted by: Ron DuBour | December 1, 2017

WINTER BREEZE~by Jyotirmaya Thakur




Image may contain: one or more people, tree, outdoor and nature

Good hours begin with a winter walk,
All folks in heavy woollen ready to talk,
Lonely evenings with folks cramped in,
Even noisy minibeasts vanish from scene.

Carefree snowflakes fly like feathers,
Some on window sills beaten weathers,
The limbs are imprisoned,mind is dumb,
Gaunt and rusty like a tomb undone.

The holly tree luxuriant,resplendent red,
Bare robust oak has no leaves to shed,
Scots pine scattered in oriental shape,
Rowan flowers, the beech desert faced.

A lonely black bird in the parking space,
Robin redbreast hale and hearty facing hail,
Magpie classic black white still paired,
Startling startles,crow-rooks compared.

The breath of air is freezing cold ,
Children from school coloured bold,
The winter breeze is unkind in tune,
Frosty window veil has melted at noon.
Jyotirmaya Thakur copyright 1/12/127.

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