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The eternal love of many great Indian women,
Historical tales of royal kings and Queens ,
How some of them for love broke all boundaries,
Ended up sacrificing their lives for each other,
For sake of love to be eternally together.

The story of Queen Padmavati is beyond beauty,
Chittorgarh the land of unimaginable bravery,
Where royal consorts followed queen devoted,
Performed a mass miracle of unmatched honour,
Famous folklore by Awadhi poet Jayasi recited.

Princess Padmavati as she was fondly called,
Born in the sinhala Kingdom to king Gandhervasena,
She was famous for a trained talking parrot Chitramani,
Her swayamvar organised in extraordinary circumstances,
The king’s and princes had to claim through prowess.

Right ownership by defeating a fighter in sword battle,
Princess herself in disguise of designated fighter,
All were defeated except one king was mightier,
King Ratan Singh of Chittor,a mature warrior,
Standing true to her promise kept royal words of honour.

The entire regal court against this decision,
Her parents in dismay over princess precision,
Undeterred princess agreed to be his fifteenth consort,
Takes of her unsurpassed beauty in submission,
Her quick wit advice in service of husband’s appreciation.

King Ratan Singh a great lover of art and patron,
Had a chief artist who accompanied in every battle,
To draw war scenes of inevitable valour,
Apr from painting and sculpting mesmerizing beauties,
Raghav Chetan was also an evil sorcerer.

One day he was caught red handed,
Swearing revenge from Kingdom banished,
The artist headed to the enemy quarters,
Sulking in humiliation to Alauddin Khilji sultanate,
A plan to destroy the beauty and bravery of Chittor devised.

He incited Khilji’s interest in Queen Padmavati’s beauty,
Showing him a painting of the queen’s sublimity,
His lust to possess her in his harem convinced,
Greed to get a glimpse of her attacked in severity,
His giant army soon captured king Ratan Singh in treachery.

The one condition of his release was only greed,
If rani Padmini would be sent to him in free will,
The royal advisors sent army led by king’s nephew,
Disguised as royal women in palanquins,
Ratan Singh was rescued and safely taken to his fort.

The enraged Khilji ordered a siege ,
King’s army fought bravely but died in defeat,
Inside Chittor fort the queen and all consorts,
Along with wives of army men and every women present,
Walked down the secret tunnel to ‘Jauhar kund’.

They wailed aloud for their men martyrs,
Sang praises of their brave sacrifices,
Together they jumped into the fire burning,
With the queen who jumped in first fearless,
Entire palace to this day haunted cries echoing.
Jyotirmaya Thakur copyright 3/12/17.

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