Posted by: Ron DuBour | December 4, 2017

Daily missive for Monday the 4th of December.~by Peter Forster



Daily missive for Monday the 4th of December.

It was a chill
Not the wind
Invading the house 
As a cold draft
From an open window
It is too wet outside
For aeration
But a shivering
Hair standing
Skin prickling
Goose bumping
Nerve shredding
In an empty house
Dirty light filtered in
Through shuttered windows
Nothing but shadows
For company
When the familiar
Comfort of soft furnishings
Plumped cushions
And photographs
Designed for life
Is a compendium
Of disquiet
Ill met images
Become a body merged
Into collective
The chatter of a
Flapping letter box
The rattle of rainfall
On a skylight
The impression of
A nightmare
In Hell Gate
Ill met
On a story board
Pressed between
Cobweb memories
Dusty book covers
And an empty house
In the darkest of days
When the sky falls
Below the horizon
The ocean empties
Into the blue
Leaving a hole
Where the world used to be
Will I see you again
Or was my fate sealed
When the full depth
Of my own dark pool
Was revealed
To be a shallow
In a teardrop

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