Posted by: Ron DuBour | December 5, 2017

Daily missive breaks into the weekend Saturday the 5th of December.~by Peter Forster

I wrote this a day or so after Kay was given her diagnosis and I decided to write a journal sharing my thoughts and feelings about what she and we were all going through


Daily missive breaks into the weekend Saturday the 5th of December.

No longer young
Never beautiful
No pretty pictures
To tear at the heart
Just a middle aged man
With all the privilege
That unasked for gift affords.
When in truth
It seems
We see suffering
As the province of children
And mothers,
Wives and lovers, broken,
Struck by the hand of a man’s
Blind ambition,
Brutish strength,
What of the gentle man,
With the soft voice.
The poet and the artist
The father, the lover
The keeper of his brother,
Where is his place
In the huddle
Of loving souls.
The carers and givers
Who understand
Want to lend a helping hand
Stop a while,
Listen and appreciate
The struggle
To contain the nameless
Fear that haunts us all.
When who we are
Is what we love
And we can do
So very little
To protect it.
When the door is closed
And the bed lies cold
The breath
Sucked right out
It matters not
Your gender,
What you look like
On page or screen,
The pain you feel is real.
And when the world
Is indifferent
To all but those
Who have yet to live
Or have the power
To capture hearts
In the telling of a story
Who is left to listen
Who will shed a tear
And what
Will become of you and me then…

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