Posted by: Ron DuBour | December 5, 2017





It Is Said That The Good Die Young
But I, Good & Ain’t Getting Younger
At Funerals Pastors Likes To Preach
The Deceased Was A Good Man
Man A Bunch Of Lies, Can One Spot A Lie
It Is Said That When You Roll Your Eyes To
The Left, That’s A Lie, Yeap That’s A Lie
Right, It Doesn’t Mean You Really Telling

Ride With Me In This Crazy Poetry Ass I Write These
Lies In An Interesting Kind Of Way, Tales & Shit
Man We All Broke That One Commandment
What About The Blind, Nope Better Yet The Death
It Is Said Trust Is A Disease That Kills Friendship
So Love Them All But Trust No One, Matter Of Fact
If You Want Loyalty, Get Yourself A Dog
You Know, When Days Are Dark Friends Are Few

Your Parents Use To Tell You About Tooth Fairies
On Christmas Santa’s Reindeers Flies Across The Moon
Once Upon A Time There Was A Prince Frog
Remember Cinderella’s Shoe Story, Man These Details
But Scratch That Real Shit, What About
Jesus Being Crucified, Did Marley Die Of Cancer
Who Took Down The Twin Towers,
& Why Are Arabs Considered As Terrorists

Man You Know Me By 16 Lines But Truthful
Lines Made Me Double That Shit, Count The Lines
We On The 7th Pair Of Graphs, Eish!!! Last Half Paragraph
YoOH, We Send Our Kids To School To Be Taught Lies
Man If You Wanna Get Laid, Lie To Her, Make Her Lie
Down, Then Slam Dunk Your Balls In Her Vagina
Nah Cant Do That, I Am Not Always Right, But Never
Wrong, Logical Utility Giving You Poetry In HD

#Kung_chu #ThatsLife #D_R_A_M_A

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