Posted by: Ron DuBour | December 6, 2017

The Cutting Edge of the Blade~by Michael Graves



The Cutting Edge of the Blade

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It’s not a place where you live by bits.
It’s bright and it’s fast, and you live by your wits.
It’s a place where the best part of life is played,
Out on the cutting edge of the blade.

No need to be nervous; no need to hide;
just hang on tight and enjoy the ride!
The game is big and broad and wide,
on the cutting edge of the blade.

You make it big or else you fade.
Life’s like that, the price gets paid.
Out there is where the fortunes are made,
on the cutting edge of the blade.

Or, you can hide and resist all motion,
live with fear as your primary emotion.
But when you die, or you start to fade,
you’ll wish that you’d lived on the edge of the blade.

It’s always hotter and brighter, you see;
the light is clearer, the winds blow free.
You can see to the edge of eternity,
from the cutting edge of the blade.

It’s a place where dreams fly high and wide.
A place where you can enjoy the ride.
Life out there is magnified,
on the cutting edge of the blade.

The ideas are brilliant, the music is cookin’
the people are out there pushin’ and pushin’.
They’re looking to make a place of their own,
on the cutting edge of the blade.

When you wish upon a star,
and wake up where the clouds are far
you’ll realize just where you are:
On the cutting edge of the blade.

All these things I know are true.
Like I know that I’ll be hearing you.
Laughing as you enjoy the view,
from the cutting edge, of the blade.

–Graves 12/1/17

*Cutting edge — slang, meaning:

1. Far in advance of what is considered ordinary, or day-to-day.
2. Exceptional, advanced, innovative.
3. Closest to the point of innovation.

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