Posted by: Ron DuBour | December 6, 2017

The Twilight of our love~by Fred Tunks



The Twilight of our love

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There was a time when our love was young
Like Twilight in the morning hours
When the new day has only begun
Love fresh and new like a crisp morning dew
Whippoorwill sings a beautiful song
Magic abounds in the air
Lost in contemporary contentment
without a worry or a care
Flowering plants opening peddles
to greet the rising sun
Sliver ribbons line your hair
We are happy
We are one
Our love shines like a beacon
In the Zenith of the day
Sunshine shining so
brightly in your eyes
We are happy
We are gay
We are joyful
We laugh
We play
Afternoon atmosphere draws a different
Suns rays scattered grey now across the
western sky
Flowers slow but sure fading away to sigh
Our love wilted by burning passion
Once set our souls to fly
Gone into another dimension
Dusk til Dawn
The Twilight of our Love!

Written by
Fred Tunks
All rights reserved

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