Posted by: Ron DuBour | December 6, 2017

“VISIONARY HOUR”~by Emmanuel Douglas Mulomole



___________”VISIONARY HOUR”____________

Put a splendid time of mind in visionary hour
Embellishing our thoughts with poignant power
Feeding our lovely life without annoying stress
Inspiring our future with visionary hour’s Bliss

Precious time never brings an air of ruefulness
Nor welcomes an impatient wind of sadness
The blessings of visionary hour beam our spirit
Evincing a grandeur of our hardworking’s merit

Don’t tolerate a day pass without visionary hour
Minutes make an hour be our pillar of positivity
Beautifying our lofty thoughts like the flowers
Enrapturing the profound spirit of hourly quality

In visionary hour there is stream of importancy
That dedicates us in pristine self-confidence
Lifting our hardworking spirit in apt poignancy
Quelling all the spirits of corrupted assurance


Emmanuel Douglas Mulomole

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