Posted by: Ron DuBour | December 9, 2017

The Train Home~by Dale Fittler



The Train Home

Here I am sitting on the train home.
With absolutely no clue where I’m going.
Doing a little thinking and a lot of regretting.
Is this really my life or is someone subletting.

Sitting in my seat,staring out the window.
Pondering,wondering how I let things get so low.
When did my existence get dealt that fatal blow.
And why do the bad times always go so slow.

Knowing there is no-one waiting when I open the door.
No matter how I wish and dream when the door opens,I’m still alone.
It makes me wish I could make the walls that surround me talk.
But they make no noise at all and the silence is just deafening.

All I want is that familiar voice in my life with no more dreaming.
My soul feels like the bucket with a hole and out of it I’m streaming.
I don’t think I could ever forget you,my heart couldn’t stand that pain.
Most days I wish it would storm,so no-one can see my tears in the rain.

Reality comes to smack my face and it’s the pain of my life again.
Sensibility has long gone and the insanity has been let loose to reign.
My dreams have long since shattered and we’ll and truly washed away.
I want so much to see your face again,to just get back to that very first day

Dale Fittler

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