Posted by: Ron DuBour | December 10, 2017

|| STRANGE LOVE ||~by Graziella Ntinyari




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You stand before me,
Claiming that I don’t understand,
The falling of the fresh leaves of our love, 
But I tell you, the seed was leafless in dormancy out of love,
For this journey had already ended at the beginning,
Please, don’t be surprised when I tell you I was calming,
At the free pain unchained by your harsh honesty,
That hardened my heart like a stone,
Changing me into a stoner by profession,
My dream lost in the smoke of great condemnation.

Without your intent, the youthful wounds of my heart,
Got flowered by the insults of your extraordinary love,
And like a servant I learnt to serve the two masters,
Na utaskia society ikidai kuwa nilirogwa,
But siwablame, wangu mtima kwa matusi ulihongwa,
A bitterness that became so sweet to resist,
So, my bee don’t leave, with me persist,
My loving hatred for you does insist,
For without my medicine my whole is diseased.

True, I was living in the light before I met you,
This light that burnt my eyes rendering me blind,
And probably that’s why I fell for you,
You together with your flaws that I got to see in the darkness of your perfection,
Your perfection at the great boxing, knocking down sleep from my eyes every night,
And you always wondered Mbona daktari alinipea bed rest ya 2 years we have been together…
Miaka mbili ya tumbili mawakili wenye akili but they still call me a fool for standing before you like we are now,
To receive your faithful messages,
That frequently panged my face, that sent me sprawling on the ground,
My eyes shying off,
My tears taking off…
Hivi juzi nilinunua wig and you dared to say how much you hated artificials but how hard was it for you to remember, how my long natural black hair attracted men, how my hair food attracted bees that you selfishly decided to get rid of the problem.
And now Manduli is my Idol,
My balded head stays shiny but idle,
I don’t cover it just from cold,
But can’t you see it’s your imperfection that I’m protecting,
A shame for me in the society,
Imprisonment for you in perplexity.

Soon, you said you wanted to leave, leave behind your work of art as if pleased. I guess you thought it was worth to share it with the world like an exhibition to showcase, maybe I was a test for your preface.
Mpenzi usiniache kwa machozi,
Kwani mimi zuzu umeniacha Bila mavazi, my nakedness an evidence of what we had. Please, don’t leave me alone or rather with no one to yell at me in a tone that had become my lullaby, a freedom song to our bed of war. Well, not of lies for you always found a way to correct my mistakes. I’m not perfect but I am a secret keeper for my master and once you leave my naked body will need clothing;
my services I will no longer give to you, your deep secrets the world to view.

My love stay for your imperfection has become my addiction.


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