Posted by: Ron DuBour | December 10, 2017

The society stares, ~by Graziella Ntinyari



The society stares,

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The society stares,
Walking in pride in heel pairs,
Up the difficult rough stairs,
Her feminist zeal echos in all African ears,
For them haters to take in her forgotten most inner fears.
But truly, can it be forgotten?

Her past,
Her lust,
Not her first,
Not her last,
She breathed,
Hearkening to the sound of her greed,
Freed from the chains of her flesh desires.
She was wild and probably you might have mistaken her with the beast,
The spectators not loving enough to tame her into a beauty for a feast.
Her body covered in mud, her least worry
Crossing River Tana, beast worry but this wild was her home,
In the world she felt like an outcast.
Was this her life curse cast?

Light was her enemy,
Darkness gave her remedy,
To enjoy the play,
Catch the prey,
Bait for her to thank for and pray,
Rotten eggs indeed to lay.
And who is to blame?
Our own society did blame her,
For her too much fur,
The only thing that kept her from catching the night cold from a far.
But they didn’t know that deep inside their organs were shivering in cold,
Cold hearts,
Bold hurts,
Diagnosed with pneumonia, asthma, bronchitis name them all,
Yet you long prophecied her fall.

However, feminism is not feministic without the 9 months of the CpH4 formation.
See Poly Had 4 “burdens” she carried in her belly,
While everybody took her as a nelly so silly,
I couldn’t understand this word till I looked it up in a dictionary,
And I got more confused than corn-fused.

See she could be;
And still be;
A blessing

At this moment in her life,
She decided to change her career,
From a tool of work to a mother not of one but of 4 “burdens” she carried in her womb.
Her world became not of wild but of mild,
With her fortitude fortifying rejuvenating from the energy of the CpH4 formation,
See Poly Had 4 “burdens” growing in her womb…..

To be continued…

@kimmy shado


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