Posted by: Ron DuBour | December 11, 2017

“LOVE KNOWS ITS COURSE”~by Emmanuel Douglas Mulomole




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Without evincing the righteous way to Love
Love itself knows its loftily beautiful course
Course of alluring a bLessings from above
Caring and protecting a life thru its promise

In every course of Love there is a tranquility
Tranquility of evincing an uncorrupted hope
Hope of beaming our life with its veridicality
Lifting aLL creatures with its peerless rope

Love itself knows its lofty course of harmony
Harmony of uniting our living with lovely grace
Grace of preaching a genuine love not phony
Bringing us a pillar of unattackable assurance

Let us divulge all courses of love to our spirit
Spreading its righteous way through its merit
Blessing our blissful Living with its affiance
Embellishing us with peerless self-confidence


Emmanuel Douglas Mulomole

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